It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Christmas is around the corner once again and one of the great fun nights of the season has to be the Christmas Party night out for your work place! Unless, of course, you’re charged with organising the entertainment and don’t know where to start….

Take the pressure of yourself and talk to us at Dial M for Music.  We have fantastic Christmas Party ideas to suit every budget!  So let us fill your Christmas stocking with the best of seasonal entertainment!

Tip No. 1 – Casino Cheer!









This is the best best you’ll ever make!!

Just by having a Christmas Casino, you’ve already come up with something new and fun and broken the mould of the tired old Christmas party format!!  Hosting a casino night can be a lot of fun – if you do it right!  Nothing gets your colleagues mingling more than placing their bets and vying with each other for the top casino prize.

Our “Casino Cheer” night gives off all the atmosphere and razzmatazz of a real live Casino in Las Vegas. With full-sized Blackjack and Roulette tables, each run by fully trained Croupiers/Dealers, who not only to manage the games, but also join in the evening’s fun with the players, thereby ensuring that everyone is involved and having a good time.

Tip No. 2 – Add the OMG Factor!









Bring some magic to your Christmas Casino night with our incredible magician Rodrigo.

Hear your guests laughing, shrieking and clapping, huddled around in a circle watching this brilliant artist in action.  For the start of the evening, Rodrigo will move among your guests at the drinks reception, warming them up, creating amazing moments and heightening the atmosphere in advance of the start of the casino.

Rodrigo’s canny use of 21st century technology, using Smartphone and tablets brings a really edgy and up to the minute feel to his stunning magicianship. Rodrigo supplies in spades the OMG Factor!!

Tip No. 3 – Move to the beat!

 “I’m a D.J. – I get the party started!” – Avicii











Every good party needs a great soundtrack so hire one our super DJs for the evening and enjoy all the classical Christmas Hits bringing the best out of the festive season!  Our D.J.s will ramp it up once the Casino ends and will keep your guests on the floor partying into the small hours!


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And we’ll give you some sizzling music recipes for a great BBQ night!

You fire up the grill and we’ll give you great summer music recipes for a summer office BBQ! We’re leaving the winter and a couple of tough business years behind so it’s time to celebrate with work colleagues and what better way than an informal summer BBQ with some great music and entertainment.

Summer’s officially here and it doesn’t last that long in Ireland so it’s time to make the most of it with BBQ party ideas from Dial M for Music!  We’ve all checked out the recipes for the marinades and BBQ sauces and the debate still rages over charcoal v. gas.  But one thing’s for certain – without good music, the party is always going to be a bit flat.

BBQs are relaxed and informal and really good music plays a huge part in getting the vibe right. Each summer, our party bands, DJs, Ballad duos, and Jazz musicians have lit up BBQs for corporate and business clients who have taken a night out to celebrate with their staff.

Featured_Acts_ColonialsOne of our most popular BBQ bands are the Dublin based Colonials.  Mixing a Trad Folk element with Bluegrass and American Country, this band have huge personality and send out just the right kind of sounds that put you in mind of a Summer Barn Dance somewhere in the mid-west!




Or if you want to take a more relaxed route, try Bourbon Street who will bring Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and old blue eyes himself to your party!


Then of course we have an extensive array of top Dublin based DJs working with Today FM and East Coast Radio, who will bring the perfect soundtrack to your party.

Another great idea for your BBQ is to surprise your colleagues with the amazing skills of our Brazilian Magician Rodrigo.  This stunning close up magician is the perfect ice-breaker and we guarantee he will be the talking point of your BBQ. Watch him weave his magic from administration to marketing and confound your smartest Financial Controller!  It’s a lot of fun!

We have great people to bring life to your party so give us a call and we’ll have the perfect recipe for a sizzling night of BBQ entertainment.



Magic moments with Rodrigo

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RODRIGO, Dial M for Music, card tricks

Bring the magic of Rodrigo to your reception

One of the most exciting new talents to have joined the Dial M for Music Agency is our cool young Brazilian Magician, Rodrigo. Since joining us, he has been in huge demand for drinks receptions and pre-wedding dinner receptions. So why is he so popular and why is it such a good idea to book a magician for your event?

Most drink receptions last 2 to 3 hours and they need a bit of sparkle and pzazz! They need something more than just sticking a drink in someone’s hand and hoping for the best! You can be busy greeting guests, doing photoshoots, keeping an eye on catering and at the same time, wondering if your guests are having a good time. But when you hear your guests laughing, shrieking and clapping, huddled around in a circle watching a brilliant magician in action, you can relax – you know and they know that they’re being entertained. It puts life into the party and breaks the ice between people who may not yet have met each other. It becomes a talking point. It makes guests feel that apart from your hospitality, you’ve made a real effort to keep them entertained before the main course! Nobody can fail to be impressed by the brilliance of someone’s sleight of hand, defying our visual and mental calculations. Rodrigo is one such magician.

RODRIGORodrigo’s canny use of 21st century technology, using Smartphone and tablets brings a really edgy and up to the minute feel to his stunning magicianship. Magic has moved on from the white rabbit and the top-hat to something very cool, funky and techy. There’s nothing “old-hat” about Rodrigo’s magic!

Bring the magic of Rodrigo to your reception – you’ll be glad you did!






Commissioned Anthem for Clongowes Wood College

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Clongowes Wood College, Kildare, Cyril Murphy‘s alma mater, commissioned him to write an anthem in celebration of the school’s Bicentenary Year. Composed for choir and orchestra, the anthem is based on the Prayer of St Ignatius – Lord teach me to be generous. On the 24th of March, it was performed to a packed house at the National Concert Hall, Dublin in a special concert to mark the bicentenary of Clongowes Wood College.

Wilde Nights Cabaret Show On Board Oscar Wilde

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Laura McDonagh - Dancer Wilde Nights Cabaret Show Oscar Wilde 2015
Laura McDonagh – Dancer
Wilde Nights Cabaret Show
Oscar Wilde 2015
Kevin Hynes - Singer Wilde Nights Carbaret Oscar Wilde 2015
Kevin Hynes – Singer
Wilde Nights Carbaret
Oscar Wilde 2015

We are delighted to welcome back some of last year’s performers who are back on board for this year’s cabaret show on the Oscar Wilde – Dancers Laura McDonagh, Leah Clarke, Lizzy Benham and Kevin Hynes, Singer.  Auditions for the remaining places will be announced for a date in the very near future.

Launch of our new website!



We are delighted to welcome you to our brand new website – just launched this week and packed full of great entertainment ideas. Designed by Charlotte Marillet and developed by Pixel Pod, we are thrilled with the outcome of this talented team – a huge thank you to both. Our new-look site now features current video content on artists, great promotional shots and an up to the minute blog. Now you can see, hear and experience some of the best of our entertainers on line.

New set built for the Wilde Nights Cabaret Show 2014 on board the Oscar Wilde

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Shadow Creations have designed this fabulous new set for this year’s season of the Wilde Nights Cabaret Show on board Irish Ferries – Oscar Wilde Ship. Designed by Kevin Murphy and his team, this stunning new set was built on board in record time for the opening of this year’s summer season. All are agreed that it brings real glamour and glitz to this year’s show!!